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Revered as “The Duke of New Jersey,” Ronald Gold Jr. A.K.A Duke Bl@ckstat Baggwell (duke

black) possesses over a decade of music experience in live musical performance, sound

engineering/production and music composition. Most recognized for innovative contribution to

modern day Hip Hop B­Boy dance moves, Duke Black has Produced/mixed dozens of records,

beats and albums and has earned himself numerous shout­outs from his peers (namely Rick

Ross, Maurice David Wade, Sherrod Lambert, Aesop Storyteller, Pikasso Baggwell, Kasim,

Wreckless, KK. Holloway, Doobie Badass, J. Phillippe, Lady Luck, Tax G, Bodat
Ink., Benatton Boyz) paying

homage to his exceptional skills behind the boards, in the booth and on the stage.

Born at Clara Mass in Belleville,NJ (Dec. 5) Duke Black acquired his moniker as a teen by virtue

of him being a Black Belt in Martial arts since the age of 7.

In the early 2000s Duke Black bought his own amplifiers, speakers and microphones which

sparked his interest in music and expression. After hours of practice at home, he began teaching

his friends how to dance over the years which spawned a subculture of party hoppers in Essex

County,NJ. In 2006, he met long time friend Pikasso Bagwell. Duke Black, who had taken piano

lessons as a child, and had four years worth of Marching Band experience as Drum Captian also

boasted three years of Drum Corps experience with the Cadets of NYC (2nd in the country DCI

divII). The duo founded Hooplaa Nation!! and began promoting parties and selling Jersey Club

remixes of popular songs to party goers, promoters, and dj coalitions. Duke used the money he

received from the tour to fund a six­month music recording course at Traphouse Recording

Studios in West Orange, New Jersey, which had a great impact on him. After Traphouse, Duke

Black moved to North Carolina where he Produced over 200 beats, and Created the hit smash

"Selfie" by Aesop Storyteller which was 2014's Urban Anthem and nominated by numerous

publications as "Single of the year". People quickly recognized the young producer/engineer’s

potential have since invited him to travel for work. Apart from a publishing deal with ChessBoard

Ent., Duke Black is independent and is based mainly in Florida and New York, where he works

closely with Angel Investor Anthony "Bdale" Barksdale on his "Uncle Duke" comedy project.

Over the years Duke Black has been a major part of many artists' careers in addition to Aesop

Storyteller, and is widely respected as a humbly gifted human being with a great business saavy.

He was recently signed as the tour DJ for the 'JRZDRVN' world tour featuring Aesop Storyteller

and Hooplaa!! Nation.

Jersey Sure_-_Trice Everette

High Life Mixtape_-_ Fly Money G’z

Sinsational Mixtape_-_ Mr. Sinsational

The Last of The Realest Breed Mixtape_-_ Young Nino Stacks

Hustle n’ Rap Mixtape_-_ Aesop Storyteller
NJ Tranzit Mixtape

Work of Art Mixtape_-_ Pikasso Baggwell

Moovin out my Momma House Mixtape_-_ Duke Bl@ck




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